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Yogini Shivli

A legacy, as a blessing, has been bestowed upon me by my grandmother & mother who found ways to unravel the mystery behind yoga & its true spiritual nature. Beyond the esoteric cliches and the pretzel-shaped physical postures, what were the Patanjali sutras trying to direct our focus on? The art of channelizing energy to heal or to reach your highest human potential was something we researched, practiced, taught and it finally gave birth to my brand Chakra Yogis. Starting my childhood journey with Hatha Yoga, I complimented my knowledge with certified training in counseling, hypnotherapy and Qi gong. All practices that marry into the inner working of energies and how we can emotionally & physically bring about a synergy that helps us deal with life changes more positively. My Nani called it self healing through pleasure.  

Shivli why do Yoga?

Yoga usually is associated with the word flexibility & my take on it is it’s perfect to join it for that very reason. For me flexibility represents freedom. 

When you go deep into a posture and hold your own, that beautiful energy flowing through you, bringing grace to your stance, offering you that insight to see beyond yet stay balanced and find harmony from within and your surrounding, plus a smile on your face when you truly feel you are not only live but have come Alive is the magic of YOGA. This experience is available to us all, we just need to allow ourselves that opportunity to find Flexibility aka Freedom.

Now Why Chakra Yoga ?

This is  going deeper, a truly holistic practice that seeks you to be vulnerable to help change patterns in your life. To create an empowering act of self-indulgence & self-love none of which is ego-driven. Learning to share the same with the world is a must to maintain the balance in nature for the wellbeing of all.