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‘Selfless’ or ‘Selfish’
‘Liberation’ or ‘Manifestation’

We all want it, we all think we need it, when we get it, we want more of it.


The art of Manifesting through Chakras is one of determination.

Let this not overwhelm you as we plan to take every step starting from the very top, Crown chakra, where you first perceive the idea you want to see come alive.

Then we give a vision to that idea, for it to have a clarity & structure, through the workings of the Third-eye chakra.

This vision is then given a voice with your Throat chakra. Speaking it out loud hearing it for yourself & discussing with others to receive feedback.

Take a step further ahead, the Heart chakra is what keeps you believing in your idea and opening newer possibilities to make it larger than life.

Next you are in action mode, activating the Solar plexus chakra to ‘eat, pray and love’ your vision as you practice & persevere to make it happen.

The passion from the Sacral chakra brings in that flow of creativity adding the Midas touch.

Finally, your Manifestation is grounded in reality with the Root chakra. The mantra simply is Push to Rise up.

This journey of Chakra Manifestation is yours for life, to cherish, share & repeat. Recommended to One & All.


To transcend and welcome what’s waiting for you, beyond the perils of this universe, require that element of curiosity & commitment.

This is a joyous path you choose to take, an open ‘affair’ that you will have with your self. Where you are in control, yet surrendering the ego, as you walk the path of journey to Liberation through Chakras.

Starting from the base of the spine, the Root chakra, creating a strong foundation, satisfying your basic physical needs and just that.
Moving upwards, creating that balance and flow where the masculine and feminine energies merge & agree to explore various emotional aspects of looking within through the Sacral chakra.
The Solar Plexus is where your self-esteem is streamlined as you find strength & polish your attitude of gratitude, like a lustrous gem.
This is where you take a pause and spend a little longer time, the Heart Chakra, as you take your time to break down all those defenses that are hindering your self-exploration and your ability to sense & feel fully.
The Throat chakra is where you learn the art of listening, so you can truly seek & speak your truth.
A pat on your back for coming so far, The Third Eye chakra, offering you insight into & the ways in which you can finally evolve
Finally the Crown, the pure consciousness is a blessing that is a very personal experience, so when you reach there you will receive your own unique gift

Recommended for all ‘Humanes’ who are ready to self love & spread the love.