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Detox to Divine

Detox to Divine is joyous festival, where you celebrate the gift of life that we all have been blessed with.Bringing awareness to the energy that exist within ourselves & the beautiful elements of nature that truly are the basis of our existence. They say to be in a state of love, is the natural way of existence for a human being. But the over whelming demands of the current world that we exist in, has depleted our energies so there is no time to show love or have self love. This festival aims to connect your to your inner child, the innocence, the natural & organic aspect of food, clothing, music, face to face interaction, taking a pause from the digital life. Sending & receiving, listening & participating, sharing your talent, whilst learning new ways of life.

An inclusive wellness festival where there is artistic expressions of all kinds from many types of yoga, meditation, music, comedy, DIY project, pop ups. Breaking the cliches that healthy living & eating is bland, expensive & boring.  We have chefs, artists, guides, healers, and just regular folks who started their own way of making healthy living not only fun but something to look forward to as they do wanna live longer, and choose to evolve right till the end,Hearing these people, or participating in their workshops will help you discover your own unique self. Leaving you with just not a Instagram picture that you attended a wellness festival, but promising you a bunch of genuine takeaways that you can apply in your daily life.Empowering you, to create a loving vibe for yourself and sending it out to the universe.& yes you can still wear your regular 9 to 5 work clothes, no need to get a tattoo or dreadlocks to find peace & joy. But do let go & let your hair down as you enter the world of Detox to Divine.


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