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Tree Wear

At TreeWear, we believe that the answer lies in the fact that if each one of us makes a small change, together we can change the world. Our products are made using natural materials, eco-friendly packaging & responsible production methods. Not just that, for every product we sell, we contribute toward our tree planting projects. Personal care santisers & deodrants.

Suck In

Suckin uses indigenous bamboo that grows wild in northeast India, reclaimed teak wood, so no more trees are cut and top quality of rustproof, food-grade stainless steel. Our straws & cutlery come with a cleaning brush and pouch so they can be reused easily and be carried around too while travelling so reducing the dependency on plastic.


“Buy Local, Shop Sustainablee” A brand that emerged for its love of this planet & its people who’s co-existence is sustained courtesy the resources Earth offers. A vision, by the founder of Sustaibnablee, from the land of Sri Lanka, she offers a range of sustainable products that are locally sourced, supporting the local communities steady income, with products upcyled using waste, food packaging, fabric, polythene, meeting ethical standards.An array of products, the toffee wrapper notebook a big favourite.


KAVE, The Story of Things, based in Duba, is an up-cycling cafe concept that takes people back to their ancestral roots. Built by the co-founders of Charicycles, Kave aims to tell the stories of the things we buy so we are more mindful of our consumption habits and the impact they have on the environment, the manufacturers, and communities beyond any one person’s reach. The space allows people to shop for fair trade products, learn how to up-cycle and make things, participate in workshops that take care of their inner balance, and eat healthy hearty food at our cafe.


Chakra Yogis own wellness cothing line & merchandise, where a bunch of designers from across the gloge create signature pieces, under WELLNESS Lifestyle. Stay tuned to have fun wih the 7 colours of rainbow collection, creating your own ‘vibe’ as chakras yogis and soon you can even wear your ‘Vibe’ while you share your ‘Vibe’

Fateme Photograpgy

At 24 I view the world beyond what it simply shows. This also defines my photograpgy, capturing emotions is so endearing & humbling, which makes this an artistic process for me. My models who are real life people, animals,spaces,products,elements that speak to the camera. Gifting people shots that tell a story, a legacy they can share,emotions that evoke something when they view it in the future, a timeless collection