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Turning the wheels of your Life

Chakra Yogis is an inclusive brand where we endeavor to turn your basic instinctual reactions of Flight & Fight into Courage & Calmness.
Mind over Matter, taking decisions when you are centered and in control channelising your pure consciousness.
Guiding you every step of the way to find your very own unique flow, creating balance & harmony from within and the outside world.
Aligning the 7 energy centers with the 5 natural elements through yoga, therapy, art, music, food, clothing and much more.
As a Chakra Yogi you elevate your Yogic experience beyond the mat into your daily life.

Self Healing through Pleasure

Self Healing through Pleasure

Remember… you once saying that I met someone with a ‘nice vibe’
I would love to see them again, it felt good to be around them.
They looked so radiant & happy and even I felt the same being in their company.

So, What is this ‘vibe’?
Can I see it or buy it somewhere?
Is it a mystery or simply Energy.

This life force energy is called Prana
& Yes you can feel, share and generate it through Chakra Yoga

Chakra is the map and yoga is the path. Energy exists both inside us and outside our environment. Chakras are the gateways through which this energy exchange takes place.

Learn this very art of unblocking, releasing and generating your own energy

Create & Share a universal ‘vibe’ of realness, balance & harmony

As a Chakra Yogi, find your flow, create your own vibe and choose your own path towards Liberation or manifestation of Both



A yogini that lives and breathes yoga as she is raised by her yoga mother in a true yoga setting in India In her class she is combining specific yoga asanas connected to the different chakra’s with breath work (pranayama) releasing blockages and supporting healing and balancing. It can be a challenging class or a restorative one depending on the chakra you are working on.

Lonneke, Yoga Instructor, Netherland

I never believed in yoga, my first experience was Chakra yoga,This was a journey just not classes i attended,I actually felt grounded physically and emotionally I allowed to release and heal. Even I am surprised.Encourage you all to try it!

Karan Kalra, Automotive Head, Dubai

I still have a long journey ahead of me but I'm so grateful for finding a trustworthy and kind guide, I keep telling everyone I meet about Chakras, Its not about a religion but taking care of your body, emotions and finding your own meaning of spirituality.

Chris, W, San Francisco

My encounter with chakra yoga was led by the empowering presence of a sanguine & loving teacher Shivli. This holistic experience of humming & chanting leaves you buzzing for hours, days & months after class. A part of this class will always be a part of my everyday life.

Dina Gurung, Fitness Instructor, United Kingdom

I didn't know anything about yoga and especially I had no idea what does word chakra word means and stands for until I met Shivli. For me, she was a bridge to a new world. Chakra yoga is a lifestyle to me rather than a simple exercise In one of the classes, I had a breakdown that made me face one of my big fears. It was a hard moment and overcoming it made me feel proud of myself.

Fateme Anvar, Photographer, Dubai

To create empathy with your students, understanding their individual potential and limitations, staying with them reassuringly. A great teacher of Chakra Yoga, an amazing learning process, to reach the full expression, balance of our femininity & masculinity, without shame or fears.

Paola-wanderingyogini, Yoga & Dance instructor, Italy

The Heart Chakra class ,the combination of heart opening asanas and chanting specific mantras together with Qi-gong practice Something not only me, but the rest of the group have never experienced before. Passion, dedication and unconditional love to yoga, makes Shivli special in teaching.

Elena Gridchina, Personal Trainer, Russia

Her intuitive remarks and intervention, her class was precisely led from the heart.Chakra yoga was able to help me release and channel a surplus of positive energy that stayed with me throughout the retreat.

JUDA,Social Worker, Palestine

I have started for the first time in my life Chakra yoga with Shivli a few months ago and I loved it. Shivli has amazing energy and after her class, I always feel super happy and I smile through out the day. I really recommend this class if you have never tried Chakra class before. A lot of fun

Yana Georgieva,Film maker& Writer, London