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8 things a Yoga beginner should keep in mind

Yoga is an art as much as it is a science. Mastering the different meditations, breathing techniques and poses can help one find their truest form. Through exchange of energies, one connects to the world around them while not really being attached to the worldly strings. However, this comes with its own set of rules that need to be followed. If these rules are not taken care of, you’ll hardly see any results.

You’re here because you want to or are about to practice yoga for the first time. Here are some powerful tips that’ll get you all set for your debut session!

Right Clothes & Accessories
First of all, yoga doesn’t require anything fancy or over the top special edition clothes. All you need is something that is loose, comfortable and allows your body to move freely (Also not that loose, might want to save yourself from some of those embarrassing situations).
Secondly, though yoga mats are of essence but if you’re a beginner, it is advised that you go for a cheaper one. Once you’re sure that Yoga is your thing, then you can commit it to it further by investing in more compatible accessories.

Show the door to your phone!
Yoga is essentially a form of meditation that lets you connect to the world by distancing yourself from it. And let’s be honest, nothing binds us more to this chaotic world than our phones.
As bizarre as it might sound, it is true that we can survive without our phones for a couple of hours.

Find your form
But before you do that, find the form of yoga that is best suited to you. Chances are that you might not feel the “vibes” in your first practice, or the studio that you have joined. It is advised that you try at least a couple more Yoga forms and studios. Everyone is unique in this world. There are no constants when it comes to what strikes the chords with one’s mind, body and soul.

Don’t lose heart
Even if you have found your form of yoga, it is almost a certainty that you will not master it in the first few sessions or even long into your Yoga days. The trick is to not lose heart. Try to figure out what you’re doing wrong (there’s always something that we do wrong), ask your instructors, connect with other fellow practitioners, research online, read books, etc.
Practice and Patience are what drive Yoga to its core.

  • Find meaning to your practice
  • Do it for yourself.
  • It’s leisure and not a routine.
  • Don’t compare yourself with others.
  • Breath, relax, feel good about yourself.
  • Push yourself and not force yourself.
  • It’s a collaborative experience and not a competitive one.

Health & Yoga
Yes yoga is healthy, no doubt about it. But it is very important for one to keep in mind their primary health before starting the practice.
Women going through menstrual cycle and pregnancy need to follow several guidelines as not every asana is appropriate for every situation.
One needs to consult with their doctors and yoga instructors firsthand.

Know your names!
Imagine the instructor says, “We’re doing Shavasana next” and you start stretching your hands in the upward direction. Though the instructors will let you know everything, it is always awesome to know your terminologies beforehand. Yes, that’s how the class topper used to get those extra brownie points!
and lastly,

About Chakra Yoga
Chakra Yoga is an amalgamation of Liberation and Manifestation techniques to help find the true peace within one’s self.
Based in Dubai and Yogini Shivli at its helm, Yoga Chakra today is not only a community or a cult but in a broader sense, is energy within itself. It’s a vibe that radiates the elements of nature itself. Elements that we survive and thrive for.

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